Biodegradable tableware - taking care of the planet's ecology

The mission of BIONUS is to create an alternative to plastic tableware. For this we have invented an innovative line of disposable biodegradable tableware made from natural raw materials. Beet pulp, corn, linseed, hemp and soybean meal will take on a new life in the form of bio-dishes.

Socially responsible entrepreneurs are already switching to disposable eco-dishes. And by 2021, the European Parliament demands to completely suspend the production of single-use plastic on the territory of European states. In the future, dishes made from natural materials will become the norm.

We work with both small business entrepreneurs and large companies.

Why are bio-dishes better than plastic ones?

  • environmentally friendly production and disposal of products;
  • decomposition takes 30 to 180 days;
  • after use can be used as compost – a natural fertilizer for the soil;
  • resistant to temperature changes (from -25 to 200 o C) – can be used both in freezers, and in ovens, microwave ovens;
  • not prone to deformation, retains a neat appearance for a long time;
  • original design with a pleasant smooth surface.

Range of applications for disposable biodegradable tableware

  • restaurants, cafes, catering and fast food;
  • organization of off-site buffets, catering;
  • food service, food delivery, vending machines;
  • tourist trips, outdoor recreation;
  • branded organic glassware for gas stations, holdings, etc.
Today we offer different variations of table sets – plates and bowls of different sizes and volumes, stacks, glasses, coffee cups with a saucer, and pizza stands. We can design and manufacture an individual line of tableware for a specific customer. Our technology and products have all the necessary international quality and safety certificates. Eco-tableware of the BIONUS company is not only about ecology and safety. The colorful design of the dishes gives an atmospheric feeling of unity with nature, filling with energy of harmony. The taste from a cup of coffee in such an eco-dish acquires a new color of vigor and strength. The new product may raise some doubts and skepticism. We are ready to advise you on any question about our products – from all stages of production to practical use. To order a free consultation, just leave your request or contact the manager by phone in the section Contacts.